Y-SAPIX Global Campus interviewed our leader, Yumi Kuwana, as part of their monthly series on global leaders that are active in their communities. Y-SAPIX GC is an innovative school located in Tokyo, Japan preparing students for a highly globalized world, focusing on “develop[ing] and strengthen[ing] communication competences, understanding and accepting of various cultures and logical thinking skills.”

Read the full interview on Y-SAPIX’s website >>

You’re Invited to Meet Jonathan Starr!

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In collaboration with Social Venture Partners Connecticut and The Nantucket Project, GCI is proudly hosting a series of events in Greenwich, CT on Tuesday, April 25th celebrating the incredible legacy of social entrepreneur Jonathan Starr.

In 2008, hedge fund manager Jonathan Starr left the successful investment firm he founded in Boston to establish and become Headmaster of the Abaarso School of Science and Technology in Somaliland, the world’s #1 failed state. Abaarso has since placed over 80 students in internationally respected universities, including Harvard and Yale, and it’s mission and students have commanded the attention of international players, including Nicholas Kristof and Anderson Cooper.

Abdirahim Mohamed (Brown ’20), Abaarso alumnus and GCI Ambassador 2015, will join the celebration and share how Jonathan and Abaarso transformed his life.

Events Details: Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Lunch and Learn at JP Morgan Private Bank

Jonathan Starr and Yumi Kuwana will share lessons learned from founding and running their educational programs and organizations and how these apply to Connecticut public schools.

12:00 – 2:00 p.m.
100 West Putnam Avenue, Greenwich, CT

The Nantucket Project Library Series

Jonathan Starr and Abdirahim Mohamed will discuss their personal and cultural transformation and how Abaarso’s lessons learned could be applied around the world.

7:00 p.m.
123 Mason Street, Greenwich, CT
$10 entrance fee

Thank you for your continued support. We look forward to seeing you there!

Yumi Keynotes the FLENJ Conference 2017

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On April 1st, our Founder and President Yumi Kuwana joined the Foreign Language Educators of New Jersey to celebrate their amazing work nourishing our next generation of global citizens. Thank you to FLENJ for the honor of having Yumi and keynote speaker! Thank you also to everyone who attended and enjoyed this fantastic event.

India, the world’s second most populous country with 1.25 billion citizens, has the highest suicide rates in the world. And yet, mental health remains a widely ignored and unattended issue. On the latest installment of our Global Citizen series, Ambassador Sohini ’16 shares her motivation for tackling the widespread ignorance and ensuing apathy around mental health in her native country, and how she is rallying her peers to provide a space where Indians with mental health issues can speak out and seek help.

Read Sohini’s story at Global Citizen >>

Ambassador Robin ’16 published a piece on Global Citizen about his efforts to create “an environment where discussions and different opinions are encouraged and resources are provided for students to enable them to take initiative.” Learn how Robin and fellow Ambassadors are taking on this challenge.

Read Robin’s story at Global Citizen >>

Twenty-Nine Flavors, by Sari ’16

Sari Samakie


A version of this article was originally published in The Rexonian. To read the original version visit https://rexonian.com/2016/09/27/gcys-summer-summit/

I walked into the basement of Irving House, Cambridge, Mass., where twenty-three scholars were gathered around a circular table. The room was tight and the chairs were full, but that did not stop the Scholars from magically shuffling and sucking me into the circle. Different ethnicities from every corner of the world were in the room. The basement was a place where we gathered for morning meetings, sang, did homework, and bonded together as a group.

The 16 by 16-foot room covered thousands of miles as each one of us shared their story.


Ambassadors in the News

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We believe it is important to highlight the positive impact our community is making around the world, especially at a time when negative news abound. The stories we share below remind us that there is more than hope around us – there is positive action happening as well!


Ambassador Newsletter 2014-2016

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Our Ambassadors are the young global citizens from all sectors of society whom we are empowering to be lifelong leaders of positive change. They are the reason we come together as a community.

To celebrate each of our Ambassadors’ successes, we are sharing the Ambassador Newsletter 2014-2016. We hope you will enjoy reading about what they are up to as much as we did. Happy reading!


Happy New Year! 2017 is here and with it the deadline to apply for the Global Citizens Youth Summit: January 31 at 11:59 p.m. EST.


Season’s Greetings from GCI!

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One of the most beautiful things about our global community is having the opportunity to share our traditions and cultures with each other. As such, albeit not all of us are celebrating the holiday season this December, we found it important to share the feeling of peace, joy, and introspection that our culture invokes this time of year.


GCYS Tokyo Reunion 2016

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This past November, Yumi visited Japan to strengthen ties with our local partners. In collaboration with Y-Sapix, several Ambassadors from 2014 and 2015 reunited to share memories and catch up on each other’s Glocal Service Projects. Y-Sapix published a synopsis of this fantastic event on their website, complete with pictures. Enjoy!

Read about GCYS Tokyo Reunion 2016 on Y-Sapix’ website >>

Shop, Save and Support GCI

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After spending a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends, some of us will wake up on Friday to take advantage of the greatest sale of the year.

But this year, Black Friday can be more than a shopping event. It can be an opportunity to give back and support GCI’s work through Amazon Smile!


We are proud to announce that GCI President Yumi Kuwana will be speaking this week at the prestigious Japanese Women’s Leadership Initiative’s (JWLI) 2016 Tokyo Summit. Her talk will focus on her personal experiences, GCI’s mission and vision, and innovative ways in which GCI is moving its endeavor forward on a global scale.


GCYS 2017 Application Now Open!

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We are thrilled to announce that the application for the Global Citizens Youth Summit 2017 is now open!


Yumi Kuwana Featured in Forbes Japan

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Our Founder and President, Yumi Kuwana, was featured in Forbes Japan’s List of 55 Women with a Sense of Mission under “International Organizations.” Her profile piece is titled “The World Leader from Japan: Passion Born Out of ‘Hardship'” and tells her story of self-discovery and reinvention, staring with at 24 being named the youngest Vice President at Citibank and culminating with her founding of Cook Pine Capital and GCI.