Our Fellowship

Our year-long fellowship equips young global citizens with the mindset, skills and resources necessary to become effective and ethical global leaders.

Global Citizens Youth Summit (The Summit)

Our year-long fellowship launches at the Summit, our flagship program hosted at the Harvard Faculty Club in Cambridge, MA. During an intensive nine-days, the Summit convenes 28 talented and carefully selected high school students from all corners of the world as GCI Fellows. In academic sessions employing a teaching pedagogy that nurtures critical thinking through discussion-based learning, Fellows explore global issues through the lenses of engagement, ethics, excellence and leadership.  Renowned thought leaders address and engage each cohort on a multitude of topics, including social entrepreneurship, leadership, business ethics and the arts.

Drawing on the academic discussions and inspirational speakers, Fellows research a pressing social issue and outline an approach to tackle it “glocally”: thinking globally, but acting locally. Using the Design Thinking approach to problem-solving, they begin to research and develop their Glocal Service Projects (GSPs) in one of three areas: education, environment and equity.

GCI engages a network of high schools around the globe and collaborates with their leadership to nominate potential Fellows. Working directly with schools ensures that Fellows have a support system in place for preparing to attend the Summit and, upon their return, for integrating their GSPs into academic life.  Fellows in turn share their learnings with their home communities and engage their peers at school.
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Glocal Service Projects (GSPs)

During the nine months following the Summit, Fellows continue to work on their GSPs in collaboration with their mentors.  Mentors, volunteers from the business community with industry experience, are trained in the Design Thinking approach and help Fellows to further scope and refine the solutions they conceive during the Summit through field testing and research. The goal is for each project to be feasible for implementation in each Fellow’s home community and with an eye to launching a sustainable enterprise.  Through GCI EdGE, our online platform to facilitate global collaboration, Fellows are also able to seek guidance from mentors, faculty and thought leaders, and to share their ideas on their GSPs with their peers and the world.

In the Spring, Fellows are encouraged to apply for GCI’s seed-funding grant of $1,000. This grant helps a Fellow who has demonstrated a well-scoped and thoughtful plan to kick-start the project.

At the end of the nine months, and after extensive planning and experimentation, all projects are ready to begin the implementation phase.

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Lifelong Engagement and Community

Once Fellows begin to implement their GSPs, they become Ambassadors and lifelong members of GCI’s ecosystem of global citizens and leaders. Ambassadors, mentors, faculty, and the GCI community remain in touch in person and online.  Through GCI EdGE, they communicate and collaborate together on GSPs as well as other endeavors focused on transforming the world for the better. Ambassadors are also connected to opportunities for seed funding, internships and worthwhile educational programs.

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