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GSP Seed Funding Competition for Fellowship 2019

Updated: May 12, 2021

"ArtivismJO" by Dina & "0 yen education" by Takaya

It is our pleasure to announce that we have selected this year’s Glocal Service Project (GSP) Seed Funding Competition winners!

GCI’s annual GSP Seed Funding Competition provides a grant to one of our Ambassadors (alumni of the GCI Fellowship program) from our most recent Fellowship cohort, who has developed a well-scoped and thoughtful plan for their GSP. The competition serves to help kick-start exceptional GSPs and empower Ambassadors to design and implement feasible solutions towards challenges in their local communities. GCI usually selects a very strong runner-up to receive a smaller grant; however, this year, for the Fellowship 2019, we received applications for two projects that we believed to be equally worthy of support. Takaya and Dina's projects will, therefore, both receive US$750 grants.

Please enjoy learning more about Dina's and Takaya's Glocal Service Projects below!



Dina from Jordan

Dina's project, "ArtivismJO", aims to empower and integrate students with special physical needs into the Jordanian community through various self-sustained art projects and fundraising workshops. We are so proud of Dina and her commitment to improving access to education for all members of her community, and providing opportunities for others at her school to give back as well. We applaud her hard work and efforts in gathering support on the ground and touching the lives of many youth in her local community.

We encourage you to watch this video showcasing Dina and her team's social media efforts and keep an eye out for ArtivismJO's Instagram account.

0 yen education

Takaya from Japan

Takaya's project, "0 yen education", aims to combat educational disparity in Japan and helps teenagers who are unable to afford adequate education through access to free textbooks and an online community of like-minded individuals. We applaud Takaya's dedication to providing a compassionate and scalable solution to a problem in his local community. We are so proud of the hard work that he has put into this project and to gathering support from students not only in his own school, but also at other schools in his community.

We encourage you to check out 0 yen education's website and the work Takaya and his team have put into it.


Congratulations to Takaya and Dina!

Just like Takaya and Dina, all of our Ambassadors continue to serve as exemplary role models not only in their local communities, but also on a more global scale as agents of positive change.

GCI is proud of all our Ambassadors as they continue to think deeply about how they can support their communities by launching service projects and provide positive change at home. Despite the current world challenges, we are inspired by a brighter reality as we see our agents of positive change in action and the multiplier effect it continues to bring forward.


Yumi Kuwana and the GCI Team


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