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Current employment opportunities are listed below.

Senior Manager, Development and Communications

GCI is looking to build upon its impact to date by clarifying its overall strategy, improving its fundraising efforts with foundations and major donors and enhancing its external communications. GCI seeks a Senior Manager, Development and Communications who will report to the Chief Operating Officer (COO), work closely with the COO and President and be supported by GCI staff in achieving these goals.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Establish and manage GCI’s overall fundraising strategy, including campaigns, collateral and events, based on the organization’s vision and goals

  • Manage the existing portfolio of donors and foundations and deepen these relationships

  • Determine GCI’s overall branding strategy, and how GCI is presented to its various stakeholders and amplify its presence in the marketplace

  • Ensure the language in all communications is compelling and consistent across all platforms and materials

Manager, Programs and Communications

GCI seeks an exceptional performer and committed team member who is capable of efficiently managing our most important programs and has the creativity and technological skills required to ensure their ongoing effectiveness and impact. The Manager, Programs and Communications will report to the Senior Manager, Programs and Partnerships and will work closely with other members of the GCI team.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Assist with the planning and delivery of the 9-day GCI Summit and the 6-day GCI Seminar, providing oversight of all activities and establishing and maintaining relationships with all constituents

  • Oversee program logistics (e.g., venue selection, lodging, transportation, catering and printing) and manage ongoing communications with program vendors

  • Manage the selection and training of the GCI alumni who function as Teaching Assistants at the Summit

  • Oversee the service project and mentorship components of the GCI Fellowship, convening students virtually to discuss their projects and assisting in the recruitment and management of mentors