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Mission and Vision


We empower young global citizens from all sectors of society to be lifelong leaders of positive change.


We envision a global community where individuals embrace their unique colorful stories and cultures as they design and implement solutions to global issues that transcend social, economic and political boundaries.

The GCI Method

The GCI Method©

The GCI Method© combines Discussion-Based Learning, Design Thinking and Human Connectivity to develop character, critical thinking, communication, collaboration, creativity and leadership skills for the 21st century.

A key element of the GCI Method is Discussion-Based Learning (Harkness® Sessions). These student-centric academic sessions nurture important skills, such as critical thinking, in addition to honing each student’s ability to listen, provide constructive criticism and collaborate. Harkness® encourages sharing and respecting diverse and unique perspectives and experiences.

Harkness® is a registered trademark of Phillips Exeter Academy.


The Design Thinking process forms the basis for Fellows to develop their Glocal Service Projects (GSPs). Design Thinking is a human-centric approach to problem-solving. It is an iterative process that also deepens students' understanding of how global issues affect their local communities as they develop solutions to these challenges.

Students define the problem they seek to address, observe the population they wish to serve, identify key insights based on their research, brainstorm potential solutions, and test those solutions until they arrive at an implementable project.



GCI deeply values face-to-face connections whenever possible, believing that they lead to more productive dialogues, more profound understanding and lifelong bonds.


Human connectivity is at the heart of GCI – it is the set of meaningful relationships and opportunities that students, educators, mentors and our entire community experience beyond the program.



The full GCI Method video, which combines all 3 sections with an introduction from GCI's Founder and Chair Yumi Kuwana, is available in all the descriptions of the videos linked above.

"Questions about global poverty, global justice, global leadership... These are often literally matters of life and death for millions of people around the world and for engaged, and bright and promising youth to start thinking about these questions from an early age is exciting to me and it gives me hope."

Dr. Tom Simpson

GCI Faculty

Instructor in Religion

Phillips Exeter Academy

Our Programs

Developing Effective and Ethical Global Leaders

We work directly with students, educators and schools to provide the educational tools and continuous community support to equip global citizens with the mindset, skills and resources necessary to be effective and ethical global leaders.

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