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A unique program that pairs secondary schools from around the world and immerses them in an innovative curriculum, which incorporates virtual and project based learning, designed to enhance global competence, cross-cultural communication and problem-solving skills with ethics at the core

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  • Rooted in the proven GCI Method© and adapted in partnership with Project Zero, Harvard Graduate School of Education

  • Pairs secondary schools in different countries for a unique virtual education experience

  • Focuses on individual educators and their classes over a full academic year to deepen students’ grasp of the subject matter and provide transformative cross-cultural experiences

  • Expands how students learn, giving them better communication, collaboration and problem-solving skills

What is the GCC?

What is the GCC?

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  • Students will participate in student-centric discussions (Harkness®*) where they learn to listen actively, think critically, synthesize information and express opinions diplomatically

  • Students will be matched in cross-school groups to learn new approaches to problem solving and project design, while examining real world issues through the Design Thinking process

  • Students learn to understand and value each other’s cultures and perspectives while developing meaningful relationships with one another and a better understanding of their own role in society

The Curriculum

The Curriculum

  • The GCC will pair schools from different countries and cultures to enhance and diversify learning opportunities

  • For example, school in the United States + school in Brazil, Japan or Senegal

  • Initial focus is on schools that offer a particular course (or set of courses): i.e. 2021-22’s focus is on AP Government and Politics

  • As the GCC grows, the scope of schools partnering with GCI will diversify and increase and school pairs will switch so schools can broaden intercultural exploration

Consortium of Schools

Consortium of Schools

*Harkness® is a registered trademark of Phillips Exeter Academy.

“These are pivotal times. Global mobility has accelerated cultural encounters and mutual influences, weaving our humanity together with unprecedented reach. At the same time, rising global inequities and environmental disruptions are compromising the healthy development of individuals and societies.
“Whether we succeed in leveraging our global interconnectedness to construct more just, inclusive, and sustainable societies, or we fail to do so, depends on our capacity to engage in transformative intercultural dialogue and prepare rising generations to do so. It is in these times when innovations like the Global Collaborative Curriculum are needed most.

Verónica Boix-Mansilla

Chair of the Future of Learning Institute

Harvard Graduate School of Education

Principal Investigator

Project Zero

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Interested in partnering with GCI?

The GCC began as a pilot in the 2021-2022 academic year. GCI seeks to expand the pilot into a consortium of 30+ globally diverse schools that will pair up on a rotating basis. Through the GCC, we will provide highly skilled educators with innovative tools to transform the classroom experience and broaden their students’ empathetic and intellectual boundaries.   

To learn more and express interest in a future cycle of the GCC, please contact us using the button below:

“When we’re studying [issues of morality in] China, Russia, Iran, Nigeria, Mexico and the U.K. all year – and studying them with our peers in another country – this can lead to some fascinating discussions.  
“I am absolutely ecstatic to be rolling out this pilot program... it’s unique; I don’t know anyone doing anything like this.”

Ian Lear-Nickum

AP Comparative Government and Politics Teacher in the GCC Pilot (2021-2022)

King School (Stamford, CT, United States)

“The AP Comparative Government & Politics course is highly theoretical. Students are required to memorize a significant amount of key vocabulary words and concepts but struggle to directly apply it. The GCC provides students with a unique and valuable opportunity to put theory into practice and learn by doing.”

Katelyn Schoenike

AP Comparative Government and Politics Teacher in the GCC Pilot (2021-2022)

King's Academy (Madaba, Jordan)

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