Fellows are participants in the GCI Fellowship.

They are outstanding and engaged global citizens from around the world with an innate commitment to build a better tomorrow and catalyze positive change.



Our 10-month Fellowship equips young global citizens with the mindset, skills and resources necessary to become effective and ethical global leaders.

The GCI Fellowship begins at the GCI Summit, GCI's flagship event. Hosted in and around the Harvard University campus for the first 5 years, GCI's first overseas Summit launched in Tokyo, Japan in 2019. In 2022, the Summit will be held at the University of St Andrews in Scotland.

At the Summit, 28 Fellows explore global issues through the lenses of engagement, ethics, excellence and leadership and identify the pressing global issue they will address "glocally:" thinking globally, but acting locally, as part of their Glocal Service Project.

Fellows use Design Thinking to outline an initial action plan they will refine throughout the 10-month Fellowship. 



During the nine months after the Summit, Fellows collaborate with their individual Mentors to further refine their action plans and implement their Glocal Service Projects.

Mentors are volunteers from the business community with significant experience in project design and implementation.

At the end of the 10-month Fellowship, Fellows launch their Glocal Service Projects, collectively addressing a myriad of issues around the world identified as the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals.



Once Fellows launch their Glocal Service Projects, they become Ambassadors and lifelong members of GCI’s ecosystem of global citizens and leaders.


Ambassadors, Mentors, Teaching Assistants, Faculty and the GCI community remain connected in person and online. Through our online platform for global collaboration, they continue to further initiatives that effect positive change. Ambassadors are also connected to opportunities for seed funding, internships and worthwhile educational programs.


"GCI cultivates a diverse community of global leaders who can, together and in collaboration with others, meaningfully advance inclusion, freedom, and justice for all, and tackle the challenges brought about by globalization, as identified in the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals. This is important work because we need, urgently, more leaders like these."

Dr. Fernando Reimers

Ford Foundation Professor of the

Practice in International Education,

International Education Policy,

Harvard Graduate School of Education


Become a Fellow




Applicants must be current Freshmen, Sophomores and Juniors at the time of application and between 16 and 19 years of age the first day of the Summit.



Applicants must commit to the duration of the 10-month Fellowship, attending the Summit in its entirety and collaborating with their Mentors for the duration of the nine-month Mentorship.



If English is not an applicant's native language or their school's primary language of instruction, applicants must take an English language exam and submit their scores as part of the application. 




Tuition for the Fellowship is $5,900 and includes Summit room and board, academic materials, activity fees and transportation between Summit venues, including pick up and drop off from the airport or train station.

Expenses related to round-trip travel to Scotland are not included.

FINANCIAL AID: A limited amount of financial aid is available. We encourage you to apply for financial aid if you require assistance in meeting the cost of attendance.


  • Online Application (Applicant and Parent Information)

  • 4 Essays

  • One-minute Introductory Video

  • 2 Recommendation Letters

  • School Reports (Current and Past Years)

  • English Language Test Scores, if first language or secondary school's language of instruction is not English

  • Application Fee US$30


Acceptance to the program is competitive and therefore will require much advanced preparation. A parent or guardian will be required to fill out some parts of the application.

The GCI Fellowship 2023 application will open in Fall 2022.

*Subject to changes due to COVID-19

Become a Mentor

We welcome Mentors from around the world and all industry backgrounds.

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