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G-LAB UK/Europe

  • Ms. Erika Bannerman
    Managing Director, NHS Shared Business Services

  • Ms. Krista Sensurucu

  • Ms. Nishtha Soli
    Founder and CEO, Cirkle

  • Dr. Kenneth Peach
    Professor Emeritus, the Particle Therapy Cancer Research Institute, Oxford

G-LAB Africa

  • Ms. Uzo Agyare-Kumi
    Dean Emeritus, African Leadership Academy

G-LAB Japan

  • Ms. Mitsuru Claire Chino

  • Mr. Kenji Govaers
    Senior Partner, Bain & Company

  • Mr. Seiji Inagaki
    ctor, Chair of the Board, Dai-ichi Life Holdings

  • Ms. Kaori Kono

  • Mr. Hideki Matsui

  • Ms. Kathy Matsui
    General Partner, MPower Partners

  • Mr. Allen Miner
    Founder, Chairman, and CEO, SunBridge Group, Japan

  • Ms. Akiko Nakajo
    Managing Director, YouTube Japan

  • Mr. Masashi Namatame
    Group Chief Digital Officer, Managing Executive Officer at Tokio Marine Holdings, Inc. & Non-executive Director at Mercari, Inc.

  • Ms. Wakana Tanaka
    Country Manager, LinkedIn Japan

  • Mr. Kazumi Yanai
    Global Chairman, Theory

  • Ms. Naoko Yanai
    Japanese Tea Master


  • Dr. Hiroyuki Fujita
    Founder and CEO, Quality Electrodynamics; Chief Technology Officer, CT-MR Division, Canon Medical Systems Corporation; Chair of the Board, Ohio State University

  • Mr. Ian Houston
    Managing Director, Clydebuilt International

  • Dr. Brigitte Lank
    Psychologist and Consultant

  • Ms. Cara McCaffrey

  • Mr. Jack Meyer
    Chairman, Board of Directors of AUW Support Foundation; Former President of Harvard Management Company; Former Senior Partner of Convexity Capital

  • Ms. Janet Montag
    Founding Member, Advisory Board of the Global Mental Health Program at Columbia University

  • Mr. John Motley
    Principal, Motley Consulting

  • Mr. Jake Shimabukuro
    Legendary Global Musician, Ukulele Virtuoso & Composer

  • Mr. Takeshi Ueshima
    Principal, Heritage Fund Management, LLC

  • Ms. Suzy Varus-Lum
    President, East-West Center

G-LAB Turkey

  • Ms. Tuba Cosar
    Asia Pacific Audit Group Director, The Coca-Cola Company

  • Ms. Rukiye Devres Unver

  • Mr. Tankut Sensurucu
    Senior Partner, Egon Zehnder

G-LAB Asia (excluding Japan)

  • Ms. Esther Ma
    Founder & CEO, Prestique Limited

  • Mr. Prajna Murdaya
    Founder & CEO, The Constellation

G-LAB South America

  • Mr. Andrew Sherman
    Vice President - Latin America, Cognia

  • Ms. Nina Maldonado
    Founder & CEO, Impact Communication

GCI also seeks advice from a core group of experts on best practices in admission and selection for competitive Fellowship Programs.
  • Mary Catherine Conroy
    Principal, Education Resources Development Group

  • Thomas Hayden
    Former VP for Enrollment, Oberlin College

  • Amy Tsui Luke

  • Ala Talebian – Iran/Germany, GCI Class of 2014

  • Mako Matsuzaki – Tokyo, Japan, GCI Class of 2015

  • Whitney Elmlinger – New York, USA, GCI Class of 2015

  • Jessica Bannerman Arnold – London, UK, GCI Class of 2015

  • Erik Novak – Brazil, GCI Class of 2016

  • Giuliana Bertoia-Agredo – Chile/Canada, GCI Class of 2017

  • Dan Sequeira – Canada, GCI Class of 2017

  • Abdallah Al Khawaldh – Jordon, GCI Class of 2017

  • Eita Nakagawa – Japan/USA, GCI Class of 2018

  • Adya Khandelwal – India, GCI Class of 2018

  • Alqaim Lalani – Kenya/Tanzania, GCI Class of 2018

  • Birk McCaffrey – New York, USA, GCI Class of 2018

  • Alicia Corradini – Argentina/USA, GCI Class of 2019

  • Chaitanya Venkateswaran – India, USA, GCI Class of 2019

  • Eman Mohammed – Ethiopia, GCI Class of 2020 and 2021

  • Harvard Knowles (Global Leadership Council)
    Chair of the Department of English, Thomas S. and Elinor B. Lamont Professor of English, Emeritus, Philli
    ps Exeter Academy (1935-2022)

  • Dr. Henry Rosovsky (Global Leadership Council)
    Professor Emeritus, Harvard University (1927-2022)
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