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Announcements: Summit & Seminar 2022 and 2023 Programs

Global Citizens Initiative (GCI) is excited to share announcements about the Summit & Seminar 2022 and important updates on the 2023 programs!


Program Summary

Read about the highlights of the 7th Annual GCI Summit and 3rd Annual GCI Seminar for Educators in our Program Summary, available below.


Program Video

For a glimpse into our successful programs in St Andrews, Scotland, you can catch up on this year's Summit and Seminar with our video. Click the play button on the left, or watch on YouTube.


2023 Program Updates

We are already looking forward to next year and have finalized the dates for the GCI Summit and Seminar 2023.

○ Summit: July 24–August 1

○ Seminar: July 27–August 1

Applications for both programs will open on October 25. Please spread the word about the GCI Summit and Seminar 2023!


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