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Congratulations to the 2022 Glocal Service Project Seed Funding Opportunity Recipients

It is our pleasure to announce that Global Citizens Initiative (GCI) has selected four Ambassadors from our 2022 Fellowship as recipients of this year’s Glocal Service Project (GSP) Seed Funding Opportunity.

GCI’s annual GSP Seed Funding Opportunity provides grants to GCI Fellows who have developed a well-scoped and thoughtful plan to continue or expand their service projects. The competition serves to help kick-start exceptional GSPs and empower young leaders to design and implement feasible solutions towards real challenges in their local communities.

Please see the recipients' images below to learn more about their projects!

My GSP seeks to address the systemic injustices of the Bronx caused by Environmental Racism and Redlining. For example, the South Bronx has one of the country's highest asthma rates in children and adults. Environmental Racism and Redlining have contributed to this rate by permitting the construction of several highways around the South Bronx, with cars and trucks polluting the community. The poor air quality due to vehicle fumes means asthma rates have soared in recent decades. I'll continue to raise awareness by utilizing my website, Bronx Out Loud, as a database to collect stories from local residents and community leaders after doing research and a number of interviews.

My GSP provides hygiene and other necessities to the homeless community. The homeless are not given the same attention as the more fortunate. If they have hygiene supplies and other materials, they have a better chance to provide for themselves and positively move forward. I'm providing local unhoused community members with necessities and supplies such as: shirts, socks, flashlights, toothbrushes, water, granola bars, toilet paper, sunglasses and hats. My hope is that this project lives on after I go to college.

My GSP creates a community where refugees in Japan can come together and feel safe while also learning about the Japanese culture so that they are more welcome in their new home. I believe it is important to address this problem, specifically in Japan, because refugees are often not looked after or given the best care. I met 10 Ukrainian refugees back in September 2022, and I asked them what they wished for in Japan. They all responded with "community." Therefore, my goal ever since has been to create a community for Ukrainian refugees in Japan. I do this by working for and with these refugees through activities run by a club at my school including holiday celebrations and Japanese arts such as flower arrangement and origami as well as exploring Japanese traditions.

My GSP is an interactive website called EntHERpreneur that uplifts African women-owned businesses and NGOs by empowering their longevity through media and community. My project aims to not only uplift businesses through digital resources, mentorship, and networks but also the stories behind these businesses. It serves as an empowerment tool for entrepreneurial immigrant women who are often sidestepped in the industry. I'm working to collect data on the impact of my work and continue to share mentoring resources with those in need.


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