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The GCI LEAD Challenge: Program Schedule & More Details

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

The application is open for the GCI LEAD Challenge, our virtual program taking place July 26 - July 31, 2021. The application deadline is April 12 at 11:59pm ET. We encourage interested students to take advantage of the weekend and get started on their applications!

The GCI LEAD Challenge will incorporate core components of GCI’s flagship program, the Summit, with a focus on Leadership, Ethics, Advocacy and Design Thinking.

Each day, GCI LEAD Challenge participants will get together at 8:00am ET for a 3-hour session to build key leadership skills and explore thought-provoking ideas: Harkness®* discussions led by Phillips Exeter Academy faculty, workshops led by Design Thinking experts and thematic sessions from inspirational speakers. Participants will also work on activities on their own time before the start of the next day’s session.

The global nature of the GCI LEAD Challenge means that some participants will join real-time activities early in the morning or late at night. The magic of GCI arises from sharing ideas and building connections with peers from all over the planet, however, and we want to share that with participants even when they are not together in person.

GCI LEAD Challenge participants will gain the tools, resources and mindsets to be agents of positive change, empowered to advocate for themselves and their communities. As GCI alumni, they will join a lifelong global community, where they and other GCI alumni can support each other and continue their journeys alongside GCI staff, friends and mentors.

Thank you for continuing to support GCI and our programs. We have been thrilled by the positive responses to the GCI LEAD Challenge and cannot wait to (virtually) meet all the participants this summer!

*Harkness® is a registered trademark of Phillips Exeter Academy.


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