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An Important Message from GCI - February 25, 2022

Dear GCI Community,

We are horrified by the news that Russia invaded Ukraine. World leaders call this egregious act “the greatest threat to Europe since the Second World War,” and as we struggle to comprehend the magnitude of such raw aggression, we contemplate what this assault means to the world.

We are witnessing unfathomable nationalism and intolerance. It is frightening, but we must summon the courage to stand firm in the spirit of peace and love. We are global citizens, committed to creating transformational experiences that guide students and teachers in the direction of discovering their own moral and ethical compass for support in decision making. We are developing skills in leadership, diplomacy and empathetic listening with an open heart and mind, to enable humans to respectfully connect with one another. We are committed to creating and advocating sustainable solutions to solve humankind’s pressing challenge of living together in harmony.

Global Citizens Initiative (GCI) maintains its resolve to amplify the role of intercultural and global competence skills for young people and educators who will change the world. We pray for all of those affected by these disturbing events and will continue to hope and work for just action.


Yumi Kuwana & the GCI Team

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