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Global Citizens Initiative Announces Board Transitions and Launches Global Leadership Advisory Board

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Greenwich, CT: Global Citizens Initiative is delighted to announce exciting leadership additions and board transitions, positioning the organization for continued growth and increased impact in its mission to empower young global citizens from around the globe.

Ms. Yumi Kuwana, GCI’s President & Founder since inception in 2012, is transitioning into a new role as Chair of GCI’s Board of Directors. Yumi has led the organization as President & Founder since its inception in 2012. Under Yumi’s leadership, GCI has empowered over 250 young global citizens from around the world to be lifelong leaders of positive change. We are profoundly appreciative of Yumi for her extraordinary vision in creating GCI and her tireless service to growing and nurturing the organization and its community of changemakers. We look forward to her continued strategic guidance in this new role as she works closely with Haley Rockwell, Vice Chair of GCI.

"When an organization can run effectively without me, it demonstrates the sustainability of the company," states Yumi. "I believe we have reached this point where our capable team will thrive under David Janes’ collaborative leadership."

GCI is excited to unveil the inception of its groundbreaking Global Leadership Advisory Board (G-LAB), a distinguished assembly of exceptionally accomplished professionals spanning the globe. This extraordinary cadre embodies unparalleled expertise, hailing from diverse industries and vibrant backgrounds, and standing as revered leaders in their respective fields. Their collective wisdom and unwavering commitment to GCI will assist in shaping the trajectory of our organization. Among them are steadfast champions—loyal supporters and mentors, including the parents of our cherished GCI alumni. Their profound insights and relentless dedication to nurturing global citizenship will serve as the driving force propelling GCI toward its audacious mission and impact. Together, we embark on a transformative journey toward a future shaped by a vision that transcends social, economic and political boundaries and unwavering purpose.

The initial group of Global Leadership Advisory Board (G-LAB) Members includes: G-LAB UK/Europe Ms. Erika Bannerman, Managing Director, NHS Shared Business Services Ms. Krista Sensurucu Ms. Nishtha Soli, Founder and CEO, Cirkle Dr. Kenneth Peach, Professor Emeritus, the Particle Therapy Cancer Research Institute, Oxford

G-LAB AFRICA Ms. Uzo Agyare-Kumi, Dean Emeritus, African Leadership Academy

G-LAB JAPAN Mr. Kenji Govaers, Senior Partner, Bain & Company

Mr. Seiji Inagaki, Director, Chair of the Board, Dai-ichi Life Holdings Ms. Kathy Matsui, General Partner, MPower Partners Mr. Allen Miner, Founder, Chairman, and CEO, SunBridge Group, Japan Mr. Masashi Namatame, Group Chief Digital Officer, Managing Executive Officer at Tokio Marine Holdings, Inc. & Non-executive Director at Mercari, Inc. Ms. Wakana Tanaka, Country Manager, LinkedIn Japan Mr. Kazumi Yanai, Global Chairman, Theory Ms. Naoko Yanai, Japanese Tea Master

G-LAB USA Dr. Hiroyuki Fujita, Founder and CEO, Quality Electrodynamics; Chief Technology Officer, CT-MR Division, Canon Medical Systems Corporation; Chair of the Board, Ohio State University Mr. Ian Houston, Managing Director, Clydebuilt International Dr. Brigitte Lank, Psychologist and Consultant Ms. Cara McCaffrey Mr. Jack Meyer, Former President of Harvard Management Company Ms. Janet Montag, Founding Member, Advisory Board of the Global Mental Health Program at Columbia University Mr. John Motley, Principal, Motley Consulting Mr. Jake Shimabukuro, Legendary Global Musician, Ukulele Virtuoso and Composer Mr. Takeshi Ueshima, Principal, Heritage Fund Management, LLC Ms. Suzy Varus-Lum, President, East-West Center

G-LAB TURKEY Ms. Tuba Cosar, Asia Pacific Audit Group Director, The Coca-Cola Company Ms. Rukiye Devres Unver Mr. Tankut Sensurucu, Senior Partner, Egon Zehnder

G-LAB SINGAPORE Mr. Prajna Murdaya, Founder and CEO, The Constellation G-LAB SOUTH AMERICA Mr. Andrew Sherman, Vice President - Latin America, Cognia Ms. Nina Maldonado, Founder and CEO, Impact Communication

GCI is also proud to share new members of our Alumni Advisory Council (AAC). Championed by a small but passionate group of GCI alumni, this Council serves as a driving force in strengthening GCI’s global community and eco-system. Their unique perspectives, experiences, and unwavering commitment to our mission will be invaluable in shaping the future of GCI and expanding our impact. We are eager to collaborate with this exceptional group of GCI alumni:

● Ala Talebian – Iran/Germany, GCI Class of 2014

● Mako Matsuzaki – Tokyo, Japan, GCI Class of 2015

● Whitney Elmlinger – New York, USA, GCI Class of 2015

● Jessica Bannerman Arnold – London, UK, GCI Class of 2015

● Erik Novak – Brazil, GCI Class of 2016

● Giuliana Bertoia-Agredo – Chile/Canada, GCI Class of 2017

● Dan Sequeira – Canada, GCI Class of 2017

● Abdallah Al Khawaldh – Jordon, GCI Class of 2017

● Eita Nakagawa – Japan/USA, GCI Class of 2018

● Adya Khandelwal – India, GCI Class of 2018

● Alqaim Lalani – Kenya/Tanzania, GCI Class of 2018

● Birk McCaffrey – New York, USA, GCI Class of 2018

● Alicia Corradini – Argentina/USA, GCI Class of 2019

● Chaitanya Venkateswaran – India, USA, GCI Class of 2019

● Eman Mohammed – Ethiopia, GCI Class of 2020 and 2021

With these dynamic new leaders engaged in GCI’s future, we are poised for an exciting chapter of growth, innovation, and global impact. Stay tuned for the incredible journey ahead at and stay updated on developments at Together, we will continue to make this world a better place for us all.


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