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GCI Honors Dr. Henry Rosovsky

Global Citizens Initiative (GCI) mourns the passing of an extraordinary man and GCI Global Leadership Council member Dr. Henry Rosovsky, the Geyser University Professor Emeritus at Harvard University who served Harvard in countless leadership roles including as acting president. He passed away at the age 95 on November 11, 2022 in his home in Cambridge, MA.

Dr. Rosovsky was instrumental in the formation of the GCI’s pioneering work to foster ethical global leaders. He served as a core advisor and thought partner to GCI’s President and Founder, Ms. Yumi Kuwana, as the organization was developing. As GCI grew, his advice and engagement on GCI’s Global Leadership Council was a tremendous asset that shaped some of the fundamental work of the organization. Ms. Kuwana, who attended a memorial for Dr. Rosovsky on November 16, states that, “Dr. Rosovsky served as one of the most important advisors as I was crafting the vision and structure for Global Citizens Initiative. He was an inspiration and a source of real wisdom.”

Dr. Rosovsky’s intellectual acumen was expansive, and he was known as a stellar economist as well as expert on Japan. Furthermore, he was a renowned administrator whose impact on Harvard University and beyond will have a long legacy. He was known for his passion for understanding how education works, how to cultivate educated citizens, and how to build consensus. Furthermore, he was committed to his family.

GCI benefitted greatly from Dr. Rosovsky’s input and support throughout the years and his legacy also lives on in the important mission of GCI to cultivate changemakers who are the next generation of global ethical leaders. Young people and teachers engaged in Global Citizens Initiative share Dr. Rosovsky’s desire to build consensus, to become educated thinkers, and to understand how systems work. As an organization, we will continue to build leaders that would make Dr. Rosovsky proud.

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