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GCI Summit 2019 Teaching Assistants

The GCI Summit is the launchpad for the 10-month GCI Fellowship. Each year, the 28 Fellows are welcomed to the GCI Community by 7 Teaching Assistants (TAs). This year, all 7 TAs were once themselves GCI Fellows! 

TAs are proactive leaders who are enthusiastic for other cultures. They put their communication, leadership and problem-solving skills to the test each day at the Summit through mentoring and direct teaching responsibilities. They each work with their group of 4 Fellows as the Fellows begin to develop their Glocal Service Project (GSP) - tackling a global issue in their local community.

We would like to thank all of our TAs who make it possible for GCI to engage, educate and empower and for our Fellows to begin their hard work on their GSPs.



GCI 2015, AAC

Citizenship: United Kingdom

Secondary School: Wellington College

University: University of Cambridge

Graduate University: BPP Law School

Jessica recently completed her time as a Politics and Social Anthropology student at the University of Cambridge. She hopes to complete a law conversion as BPP Law School where she is currently pursuing a law degree and work in a legal firm where she will additionally be able to engage with pro bono work. Currently, she is largely involved with the homeless population in Cambridge, volunteering with three separate charities, and being on the leadership team of an additional charity. Jessica is hugely interested in health and fitness, and enjoys running, going to the gym, yoga, and anything vegan.


GCI 2014

Citizenship: United States

Secondary School: Phillips Exeter Academy

University: Clark University

Employment: President, Honoring Our Mother Earth, Inc.

Krissy is a GCI Ambassador from the Class of 2014 returning as a Teaching Assistant to the Class of 2019. She is a recent graduate and social entrepreneur building a portfolio working with Massachusetts homeowners and property managers to assess, compare, and rank their best paths to a renewable energy future. She holds a bachelor’s degree majoring in Global Environmental Studies (e.g. Business Sustainability) and a minor in Innovation & Entrepreneurship from Clark University. She brings nine years of Japanese study experience, passion for sustainability and entrepreneurship, and diverse global experiences as a New England native having now studied solar from the Bahamas to Sierra Leone.


GCI 2014

Citizenship: United States, Japan

Secondary School: Hackley School

University: Cornell University

Marisa studies Animal Science at Cornell University. She was born in Bronxville, New York, but has lived in a suburban city in Illinois, as well as a Dutch Caribbean island known as Saba. She loves volunteering with animals, watching Japanese documentaries with her parents, and weight lifting! She is passionate about different cultures’ cuisines; one can always find her watching all cooking shows. While she’s unsure about what she’d like to do as a career, she hopes that she will be helping people. Maybe she’ll end up as a doctor, aiming to see her patients smile cheerfully as they start feeling better! Maybe she’ll become a researcher, hopeful to improve the international public health system. Whatever she ends up deciding, she hopes that she can make a change – big or small – with the help of the wonderful and inspiring support system around her.


GCI 2016

Citizenship: United States, Mongolia

Secondary School: The Hobby School

University: The New School

Michelle is a rising junior in the BFA for Dramatic Arts program at The New School in New York. In her interdisciplinary program, she is pursuing a concentration in Directing and Creative Technologies. Additionally, she has experience in acting, play-writing, screenwriting, stage management, dance, dramaturgy, and theater design. With extensive background in debate and student government, Michelle hopes to combine her artistic skills with politics and education to create more space for tolerance and compassion in her community. She’s been working to improve creative education and cultural innovation in her home country of Mongolia.