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GCI Summit 2022 Teaching Assistants

The GCI Summit is the launchpad for the 10-month GCI Fellowship. Each year, the Fellows are welcomed to the GCI Community by Teaching Assistants (TAs). This year, for our third program in a row, all 9 TAs were once themselves GCI Fellows!

Many are also involved in leadership roles in our global community as members of the Ambassador Advisory Council (AAC), our alumni leadership group, and as Class Agents, representatives for their respective cohort years.

TAs are proactive leaders who are enthusiastic about other cultures and making a positive change in the world. They put their communication, ethical leadership and problem-solving skills to the test each day at the Summit through mentoring and direct teaching responsibilities. As the Fellows begin to develop their Glocal Service Project (GSP), tackling a global issue in their local community, the TAs provide critical guidance and invaluable support in small groups.

We would like to thank all of our TAs who make it possible for both GCI to engage, educate and empower and for our Fellows to begin their hard work on their GSPs.

Continue reading to learn more about each TA and read their stories.



GCI Ambassador 2015, TA 2021, AAC

Citizenship: Hong Kong

Secondary School: St. Joseph's College

University: University of Hong Kong

Alvin graduated from the University of Hong Kong in 2021 with a double degree in Arts and Law. He is currently studying for the Postgraduate Certificate in Laws, and is a Training Contract holder. The 2015 GCI Summit gave Alvin the tools and words to think about effecting social change in local communities. He has been able to put these tools to good use as co-founder of a startup developing navigational aid for the visually impaired, working to narrow Hong Kong's Digital Divide. This hands-on experience has fuelled Alvin’s passion for social entrepreneurship. Alvin is also a part-time videogame designer, fuelled by his love for gaming. Basketball, Wing Chun, and movies are his other go-to hobbies.


GCI Ambassador 2016, TA 2021, AAC

Citizenship: United States

Secondary School: Animo Jackie Robinson Charter High School

University: Georgetown University

David Gomez is a current union representative at SEIU United Service Workers West where he provides union representation for members in the janitorial industry throughout all Southern California. Originally from South Central Los Angeles, David attended Animo Jackie Robinson Charter High School and was accepted into the GCI summer program in 2016. In the same year, he was awarded the GSP Seed Funding Competition Award to develop portable shower systems supporting the homeless community in Los Angeles. David is currently on the GCI Ambassador Advisory Council where he assists GCI in outreach and ambassador engagement. Throughout his undergraduate career at Georgetown, David has dedicated his efforts to furthering workers’ rights and uplifting the voices of underrepresented communities.


GCI Ambassador 2018, TA 2021

Citizenship: Japan

Secondary School: Tenafly High School

University: Babson College

Eita just finished his sophomore year of college. He is currently concentrating in entrepreneurship at Babson as has always had a passion for learning about business. In the fall, he will be studying abroad at Lund University in Sweden. He was originally born in Japan, but grew up in the United States. Eita was a fellow at the 2018 summit in Cambridge, MA. Since then he has been able to expand his knowledge about different cultures around the world through the diverse GCI community. In his free time, you can find him playing soccer, working out or playing electric guitar.

Kemmia "Kem"

Co-Head Teaching Assistant

GCI Ambassador 2017, Head TA 2021, Class Agent

Citizenship: United States

Secondary School: Ravenscroft School

University: North Carolina State University

A North Carolina native, GCI Ambassador, and Class Agent from the 2017 cohort, Kem is thrilled to be back as a TA! She is a rising senior at North Carolina State University, double majoring in Sociology and Communication with minors in Psychology and Parks, Recreation, and Tourism management. At NCSU, Kem is also an intern in the Office of Global Engagement, an executive board member of the Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity, and Vice President of the National Communication Honor Society. Kem is also currently interning with a wedding planning company to work towards a future career in the event planning industry. When she finds the free time, she also enjoys traveling, cooking, and embroidering. Because of her background as a first-generation Iranian-American, she is also extremely passionate about advocating for religious freedom, as well as the environment. Kem very much