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In Honor of Haydn, GCI Ambassador 2017

Dear GCI Community,

We recently informed some of you of the tragic passing of Haydn Robarts, a GCI Ambassador from the Fellowship 2017. Haydn had been diagnosed with brain cancer and passed away on May 19, 2020 at age 19, surrounded by his adoring family. We are deeply saddened by the loss of such a vibrant and promising global citizen and admire his grace and noble attitude in the face of such a challenge at such a young age. We take comfort in knowing that Haydn is no longer in pain and rests in peace.

Haydn was a much beloved son and brother, a great friend and a valued member of the GCI Community. He will forever be a GCI Ambassador and will be remembered as a powerful agent of positive change. Haydn was dedicated to doing what he could to better the world around him and exemplified all that GCI seeks to nurture in its Fellows. Those who knew Haydn can attest to the lasting impression of his kind manner and thoughtful words. GCI Staff and Ambassadors from 2017 came together to share their messages of hope and a powerful and touching video with Haydn during his final days and we invite you to learn more about this amazing young man through their reminiscences and insights. These remarkable compilations demonstrate how much it means to be a part of the GCI Family.

GCI concludes every Summit with a dinner to celebrate the bonds that were formed, the friendships that were made and the beginning of life-long membership in the GCI Community. This highly anticipated event would have taken place today at the University of St Andrews in Scotland, had it been possible to hold the GCI Summit 2020 this year. We are pleased to announce that as of next year, this annual closing dinner will be called the Haydn Robarts Celebratory Dinner in honor of our dear friend whose brief life touched all who knew him.

Haydn's strength and vibrancy reminds us that there is “light” even during the most difficult of times. We hope that honoring Haydn in this way will memorialize his hope for all of us—"live a life filled with joy, and try to consciously consider how to bring joy to the lives of those around you as well”—and will keep us on the path to a better tomorrow as we continue our endeavor and grow the GCI Family.


Yumi and the GCI Team

Yumi Kuwana hugs Haydn Robarts at the Celebratory Dinner during the GCI Summit 2017
Yumi Kuwana & Haydn Robarts, Celebratory Dinner 2017

Rest in peace, Haydn.


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