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NHK Covers GCI and Yumi Kuwana

NHK, Japan's only public broadcasting company, profiled GCI and our Founder and President, Yumi Kuwana, in August. A team joined Yumi at the GCI office in Greenwich, CT, as well as at the Global Citizens Youth Summit 2018 in Cambridge, MA to learn more about how GCI is impacting the next generation. They also featured Ala Talebian (Ambassador 2014), and her GSP on clean water in Iran, in the English broadcast, and Tomás Salazar (Ambassador 2015), and his efforts in Brazil, in the Japanese broadcast.

The English-language video was broadcast several times globally on NHK World and can be watched here.

The Japanese-language video was broadcast throughout Japan on NHK BS1 "Catch! World Top News Sekaiwotsukamu" and can be watched here.


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