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GCI Series by Project Zero, Harvard Graduate School of Education

The Good Project, one of the research initiatives housed at the Harvard Graduate School of Education’s Project Zero, published a 5-part series on GCI to highlight 5 of our Ambassadors. Each Ambassador was interviewed about their experiences with GCI and how they continue to use the lessons they learned at the Summit in their lives. Project Zero is an educational research group at the Harvard Graduate School of Education composed of multiple, independently-sponsored research projects. GCI is proud to have an on-going partnership and collaboration with Project Zero.

Read more below to find the links to the individual interviews.

"Global Citizens Initiative hosts an annual Fellowship Summit to cultivate young “global citizens” to become “lifelong leaders of positive change.” In July of 2019, 28 high school students from 15 different countries gathered together for a 10-day experience in Tokyo, Japan. These students are each responsible for the design and development of a service learning project to be carried out over the course of a 10 month period. Their projects are “glocal” – addressing a global problem at a local level. In Tokyo, the students were supported by a group of Teaching Assistants, themselves all alumni of the GCI Fellowship Program. The Good Project has been in consultation with GCI since its formation, and we follow the work of its participants with interest. We recently had the opportunity to catch up with several GCI alums and ask them about their work, their thoughts about Good Work, and reflections about their experiences with GCI."

Marisa and Good Work (published October 7, 2020): Marisa is a GCI Ambasssador from 2014 and graduated from Cornell University in 2020.

Jessica and Good Work (published February 12, 2021): Jessica is a GCI Ambassador from 2015 and graduated from the University of Cambridge in 2019.

Michi and Good Work (published February 19, 2021): Michi is a GCI Ambassador from 2016 and attends The New School's College of Performing Arts.

Ukay and Good Work (published March 3, 2021): Ukay is a GCI Ambassador from 2014 and graduated from Tufts University in 2018.

Shinn and Good Work (published March 10, 2021): Shinn is a GCI Ambassador from 2015 and attends Harvey Mudd College.


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