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Ambassador Newsletter 2018

Dear Ambassadors, Fellows and the greater GCI Community,

Happy New Year from GCI. We hope 2018 has been as amazing and transformative a year for you as it has been for us. We continue to grow and expand our community around the world, which we could not do without all of you.

This year, we introduced the Ambassador Advisory Council with Ambassadors Jessica and Jawed from 2014, and Karishma, Mako, David, Takunda and Kevin from 2015. They have been instrumental in reaching out to other Ambassadors and helping to keep the GCI Community connected. Mako even held 3 GCI Meet-ups in Japan this summer; one of which, I was able to attend.

We are always excited to hear from and catch up with all of you and this year we were able to do this on a much larger scale with our first big GCI Reunion in New York City including a visit to the United Nations! Make sure you turn to page 3 to read about that special 2-day event where 30 Ambassadors and Fellows from around the world joined us. We truly hope to be able to do this again in the future.

This past July, we hosted the 5th Annual Global Citizens Youth Summit. Check out page 4 to meet the 28 new Fellows and read about their wonderful experiences. They were the first Fellows to attend the Summit while our new Professional Development Seminar successfully ran in parallel, and we look forward to engaging more educators as we get ready to launch both programs internationally in Tokyo, Japan next summer.

We continue to be inspired by your bright futures. From studying at universities all around the world, to interning at Goldman Sachs and the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and even graduating and taking on full-time positions at the International Monetary Fund and the Ragon Institute of MGH, MIT and Harvard, your successes always warm our hearts. However, please take this moment to take a personal inventory on how you define “success” and try to balance your career with things that are most important: family, deep and meaningful friendships and the joy of philanthropy and giving back.

Thank you for sharing your accomplishments and updates with us. We are here to support you on your journeys as global citizens and look forward to building a global and dynamic community together. 


Yumi Kuwana


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