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Ambassadors in the News

We believe it is important to highlight the positive impact our community is making around the world, especially at a time when negative news abound. The stories we share below remind us that there is more than hope around us – there is positive action happening as well!

Our Ambassadors continue to live up to our vision of building a global community where individuals embrace their unique colorful stories and cultures as they design and implement solutions to global issues that transcend social, economic and political boundaries.

Ambassador Sari ’16 received a standing ovation at Phillips Exeter Academy after finishing a riveting speech about his experience as a teenager in the Syrian civil war. Ambassador Karishma ’14 published a piece titled “Thinking ‘Glocally’ About Water Scarcity: Why We Need to Act Now” on Triple Pundit, a global media company concerned with environmental issues. Ambassadors Molly ’16 and Whitney ’15 were featured prominently in a piece about GCI’s work published in our local Greenwich Magazine.

We invite you to visit the links below and allow yourself the time to celebrate the good that is currently happening in the world. Enjoy!


Sari Receives a Standing Ovation at Phillips Exeter Academy

Ambassador Sari ’16 spoke at Phillips Exeter Academy about his experiences surviving the Syrian civil war. The audience listened actively past the end time, an unprecedented feat at Exeter. Fellow Ambassadors ’16 JD, Abby and Philip accompanied him on stage, shown on the right.


Karishma Is Published in Global Media Platform Triple Pundit (3P)

Ambassador Karishma ’14 published an article about Matone de Chitwit, the non-profit she founded while still in high school to provide clean water around the world.


Molly and Whitney’s Work Is Featured in Greenwich Magazine

Greenwich Magazine shared Ambassadors Molly ’16 and Whitney’s ’15 Glocal Service Projects as part of a piece on GCI’s impact, starting in our own local community.


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