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GSP Seed Funding Competition 2018 Grant Winner

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

'Affordable and Accessible Sanitation for Women' by Sydney:

Glocal Service Project Seed Funding Competition 2018 Winner!

It is our pleasure to announce that we have selected Sydney as this year’s Glocal Service Project Seed Funding Competition winner, and Karla as the runner-up! GCI’s annual GSP Seed Funding Competition provides a US$1,000 grant to an Ambassador who has established a well-scoped and thoughtful plan to kick-start their Glocal Service Project. The competition serves to empower Ambassadors to design and implement feasible solutions towards challenges in their local communities. This year, due to the number of robust application submissions, and thrilled to support another worthy cause, GCI awarded a second $500 grant. Please enjoy learning more about Sydney's and Karla's Glocal Service Projects below!

Sydney's project, "Affordable and Accessible Sanitation for Women", aims to not only solve the lack and poor quality of menstrual products in his local community of Mombasa, Kenya, but also strives to empower the young women by giving them a better chance to attend school and by teaching them how to make the pads themselves. We are so proud of Sydney and his commitment to women empowerment and to making his GSP a sustainable, long-lasting venture.

Karla's "PUMPS!" addresses access to school materials for homeless students in her community of South Los Angeles. In order to help fund her GSP, Karla and her collaborators hosted a successful Spring Fling in April. Karla's dedication to increasing awareness around this issue in her community is heart-warming and truly speaks to her commitment to being a lifelong leader of positive change.

Congratulations to Sydney and Karla! We look forward to following the progress of their individual projects, as well as witnessing their journeys as global citizens.


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