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Introducing the Inaugural Professional Development Cohort!

Updated: Sep 14, 2018

We are thrilled to share our inaugural Professional Development cohort with our GCI community!

Educators from around the world will be joining us next week to kick-off GCI’s first PD Seminar designed to introduce GCI’s ethics-based leadership curriculum to teachers interested in fostering leadership skills and enhancing global competence and citizenship in their students. Eleven teachers from 11 different schools hailing from five countries will arrive and participate in a Design Thinking Workshop, shadow a discussion-based learning session and learn how to lead one on their own, explore the themes of excellence, engagement and ethics during academic sessions with GCI Faculty and observe the Fellows working on their Glocal Service Projects in their small groups.This will be an amazing opportunity to meet like-minded and passionate teachers as well as interact with a global cohort of students interested in taking action.


Dr. Brendan Byrne

Citizenship: United States

Job Title: Head of Middle School

School/Company: The Harvey School

NY, United States

Dr. Byrne in an education leader with over nineteen years of experience. He has been a member of The Harvey School’s faculty since 1999 and served in a multitude

of roles, from middle school coach, English teacher and student advisor, to grade level dean and current Head of Middle School. Dr. Byrne is eager to attend the Seminar as his school is revisiting elements of its curriculum that address issues related to global citizenship, diversity, ethics and design thinking. The phrase “Think Global, Act Local” is often used at his school, but he would like to more intentionally put that phrase into action. Dr. Byrne holds a PhD in Educational Leadership from Manhattanville College, an MSc in Teaching from Fordham University and a BA in English from University at Albany.

Dr. Gilles Chosson

Citizenship: France

Job Title: Director of Global Education

School/Company: King School

CT, United States

Dr. Chosson is a versatile educator and supervisor with seventeen years of teaching experience in the United States. He has spent five years of developing and managing a K-12 Global Education Program, five years of designing, conducting and supervising French language programs both at the college and high school levels, and four years of PhD research. He was inspired to attend the Professional Development Seminar by the work that his students at King School achieved during the Summit and by the exceptional teaching they received from the educators who engaged with them. He is eager to learn and yearns to train in facilitating discussion-based learning as he would like to incorporate it into his Global Studies courses in the future.

Dr. Christy Folsom

Citizenship: United States

Job Title: Instructional Coach

School/Company: King's Academy

Madaba-Manja, Jordan

Dr. Folsom is an educator with 29 years of experience. The GCI Professional Development Seminar caught her eye as it focuses on three of her favorite areas of education—preparing students for leadership, curriculum that teaches ethics, and project-based learning. She believes this seminar will give her new approaches to teaching leadership skills, provide additional perspectives on designing curricula that include the teaching of ethics, and introduce her to new ways of designing project-based learning across disciplines that will be valuable for the faculty peers at King’s Academy in Jordan. She looks forward to learning from the instructors and fellow participants and sharing what she has learned about teaching leadership skills, ethics and project-based learning during her years of teaching.