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Success at the Summit 2018 and Seminar 2018!

Updated: Aug 15, 2018

The Fellows 2018 in their cultural outfits for the Celebratory Dinner!

The GCI Team would like to thank our entire Summit Staff (Faculty, Teaching Assistants,

photographers, Inspirational Speakers) as well as everyone who has supported us in ways both big and small so that we were able to bring together this year’s 28 inspiring, global Fellows. This summer, we were also fortunate to welcome eleven secondary school educators to GCI's inaugural Professional Development Seminar. Our time in Cambridge was spent connecting with and learning from our global cohort, exploring new ideas and ways of thinking and collaborating with one another with the goal of making the world a more peaceful and just place for all.

The Summit and Seminar not only created lasting friendships and professional relationships within our global community that will continue to grow and evolve, but also served as a launchpad for the Fellows’ Glocal Service Projects and as an innovative start to the new school year for the PD Educators. Over the next nine months, Fellows will work to further develop and then launch their projects in collaboration with their Mentors, taking strides towards becoming lifelong leaders of positive change. And our PD Educators will continue to empower youth every day. We hope the Seminar provided them with inspiration to #EngageEducateEmpower in even more ways, using new methods and approaches!

To celebrate and congratulate our Fellows and PD Educators on completing their intensive programs and to motivate the Fellows 2018 to continue to make great progress with their GSPs, we would like to share some of the highlights from the Summit 2018 and PD Seminar 2018. Please check out our Social Media pages (GoGCI on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook) for more photos and updates!

Thank you to everyone for your continued support! We could not do this without you!


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